Wrigley Wroundup

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Mariners!

Kyle's T-Ball team, the Granada Hills Mariners, had their first game on Saturday, April 25th.
The game was 3 innings. The closest they got to ending an inning on outs was the first inning, when Kyle picked up a ground ball at second base, and tagged an opposing player on his way from 3rd base to home plate to get the second out.  If a team doesn't get 3 outs, the inning ends as soon as the whole team has gone to bat.
Kyle singled all three times he went to bat, and scored 3 runs. 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kyle's Birthday

Kyle got to wear a Crown at school on his birthday.  Katie joined story time at the end of the day.

Lego Store party with his friends.

Dinner at McDonalds after the Lego Store

The cool 6yr old

"Just what I always wanted"
(Super Paper Mario for the Wii)

Darth Tater

Kyle, Matthew, and Jonathan (Katie's on the far left)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Room Parenting

Here are some pictures of Tami reading "10 Little Fish" to Kyle's Kindergarten class

Babe loses her virginity

To quote (and modify) a Garth Brooks song:

“Well, it was bound to happen, and one day it did.
Daddy came home and started playing like a kid…”

The Babe got ‘grounded’ Thursday. In this case, ‘grounded’ means stuck over a foot deep in mud!

I decided it was time to take the UTV off road where it belonged. Fortunately, it wasn’t too ‘off road’. I took her off our driveway via what was referred to as the Bermuda Triangle last year to ‘cruise’ on what soon will be the location of our new home. The short trip there was fine, but getting out did not work so well. Climbing up the slope towards where our power/telephone telephone pedestal is located, I sunk in to the mud. I did not think of taking any pictures directly after the ‘incident’ or during the removal process, so all you get is the forensic study after the fact.

Removal (the following day) could have been MUCH worse. Using our truck, a 25’ tow strap and the 50’ UTV winch cable, we were able to pull the vehicle out with out pulling the truck in to the mess. At one point Babe looked like it might be tipping over on its side and early in the process the truck (in park with the brake on) was sliding towards the Babe.

However, with me at the wheel of the truck and Lynda operating the winch (and the removal of one big rock with a crowbar and shovel) Mother Nature finally gave the Babe back and she came home.

I guess I will wait until it drys out a bit more before trying that



Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On the way home Tuesday evening , Thumper and I encountered a herd of at least ten elk. They were on the road (Rickey Canyon) in front of us but were kind enough to step off the road and watch us while I put fresh batteries in our old(er) camera. This is one of the shots I took of them. The buck is on our far right. He had a very nice ‘rack’…sorry hunters, they're out of season. :0)

They were only about 25 feet away when they stopped to observe us. I have cropped and touched up the picture. The camera is a 1999 model and had been retired for a newer unit. Of course, that one is now outdated too.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rainbow Over Roosevelt

Posted by PicasaSpring must be near! Lynda took this picture of a rainbow below us and over Lake Roosevelt. The view was much more spectacular than the picture shows.
Snow is beginning to melt. Birds are showing up. We even hung a humming bird feeder and two seed feeders yesterday. Could it be time to take the chains off the tractor, remove the snow blower and install the mower?

And...no, we could not see a pot of gold at either end!