Wrigley Wroundup

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wrigley's of So. California


Those "Early Wrigley's" had busy Summer Vacations, too. (Actually, just testing a Video Post -- does a 30 second video work?)

WW Septic Project of 2008

I am sure you all have been waiting on the edge of you seat for the BIG Wrigley Wranch Septic Project of 2008. And (drum roll please) Here it Is!

It was easier to 'batch' it to my 'flickr' site than upload a picture at a time to the blog site. So I am afraid you will have to click on the link below to move there:

I hope it works!
Stay tuned for the upcoming Pump House Project!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tea Time

Melissa and I had tea on Friday while my Mom watched the kids. Since she'd been such a good sport all summer at the kiddie events, I wanted to take her somewhere more adult and she picked tea!

I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the table, because it is was very nice and cozy.


Dancing with the Stars - Junior edition

(Posted by Jeff for Jen)
(much easier)

Dancing with the Stars

(Posted by Jeff for Jen)
I'm having a really hard time posting these on Wrigley Wroundup in the layout that I wanted, so I will just email. (sorry dad).
"These are a little late, but I am finally offloading all of the summer pics from my camera. You may have seen pics from this wedding already, but I loved these dance pictures SO much, I had to share. Tami...you're the GREATEST!"  :)   - enjoy-

Friday, August 22, 2008

Artist of the Week!

My little Artist of the Week!! This is her 3rd of 5 watercolor paintings needed before she moves on to acrylic paints! :) Good job Liss! (And we just LOVE butterflies!)

TBR - Beach Day, 8/20/08

The kids (including Liss!) and I went to the beach with my sister and niece on Wednesday.

Liss in the water.

Kyle being buried by Megan.

Katey making faces.

Liss pointing to the bee sting she got. It was quite painful the first hour. But then it felt better after Megan (16) dragged her to see the cute lifeguard, and he gave her some salve for it. I don't know if Megan was being extra nice or just saw a really good excuse to go talk to the cute lifeguard.

End of Summer - 1983

"sitting outside by the pool rock garden, dreaming the remaining summer days away. Listening to music on the iPod radio and rereading favourite comic books. "

Seems familiar.

Mid-Century Modern Moms

I was invited to write for this blog about teenagers - like I know anything about teenagers! But it just occurred to me that you guys might enjoy the resulting essays:

When Logic Fails

End of Summer


Times Gone By

Note my mother has already complained about the last one - apparently it was Bill Haley not Elvis.

Edit: I should say that Connor and I agreed to use his middle name so that if his friends google him they don't end up landing on that site!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Real Men...

Wear yellow rain jackets -- and apparently their dogs do, too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dad's Visit to LA II

Last picture added (on you left). Grandpa and Pep playing video games at Jen/Pep home. We tried half a dozen games and Pep won EVERY ONE! Baseball, tennis, pool, you name it. What ever happen to the old days of Pacman, Donkey Kong or even Zork?

Previously unpublished pictures of my visit to Southern California. First on your right is a shot of me (middle) with two (taller) GTE friends. Darien (on the left) can't get any more grey. Mauri (right) and I are doing our best to catch up!

Next is a picture Kyle (middle grandchild) thought was really neat. It is of a vehicle that looked a lot like one of his toys (Transformer, or Transgressor or something).

Pictures I take indoors rarely come out (me or camera . . .who knows?). After taking about a dozen of Kyle's swim lesson, this is about the best. Kyle is child in red holding instructor's hands.

Travel Town

My favorite Daughter-in-law and I went to Griffith Park with the three children:

Boarding the Train, Kyle the Engineer, Pep and Kyle inspect

For Melissa (aka Pep, aka Liss) EVERY ride is a thrill ride!

Not really taken at Travel Town, but a Kutie of Katie!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dad's visit to LA

I'm not sure who's responsible for posting Dad's visit, but I think we're way past the deadline..

SO, here are some pics from his trip to So.Cal.

Watching Dado's Home movies (created by FAN)

Battleship for control of the Sea of Cortez

The kids at Travel Town

Dado at Travel Town

Monday, August 11, 2008

Melissa VERSUS the COTS!

After being released from jail, we took Melissa to a local orchard to pick some fresh apricots (aka cots) and blackberrys:

Melissa Jumps to get the perfect 'cot'

I'm thinking the cots lost.

Grapes not yet in season. No wine! :o(

hmmmmm...fresh berries to go on home made ice cream. (Yea, right!)


BUSTED in Kettle Falls!!!

This morning we had to go get Melissa out of the Kettle Falls Jail. We found the poor child huddled in a corner of the local jail. :o(

The Sheriff said something about Cow Tipping!

Turns out it was all a mistake. Melissa thought you were only suppose to give a cow 10% tip if it was for breakfast milk instead of the legal minimum (12.75%) required here in Washington.
We got it all cleared up with the Law. They forgot that furernuers (out of towners) were allowed to under tip cows once per visit. She was happy to be released!

She skipped all the way home with her faithful dogs Thumper and Tucker.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Melissa @ Coleville Flats

These shots were actually taken Friday. Although overcast, it is not as dark as it looks.

Saturday was breakfast in town, shopping (around here that means Wal*Mart), nap, then exploring the meadow and a haunted house (sorry, no pictures).

The picture that appears upsidedown is upsidedown on purpose. It is suppose to allow you to see Melissa's name written in the sand


Melissa, Lynda and Thumper played in the water. I had to keep the camera dry. :o) Tucker stayed with me.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Melissa at the Kettle Falls Museum.

Since Melissa (aka Pep) said 'going to a museum sounds too much like going to school' Thursday, we took her there Friday without any advance warning. :o)

Melissa and the Indian


Monday, August 4, 2008


This is a bit of a cheat -- as it was taken last year -- but the picture was taken by me just off our driveway. The Quail Family, of course. I'll probably never get another chance at such a picture, but there is a new Quail Family I spotted just behind this same spot, but the new little guys are so very tiny and only come out for a brief sunbath. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get another shot like this of the next generation. Mr. & Mrs. Quail are so very proud.

Friday, August 1, 2008

This is a test

*tap* *tap* *tap*

One, two. One, two. Is this thing on?

*tap* *tap*

Hmmm. Dunno. Let's eat some more marshmallows and try again tomorrow.