Wrigley Wroundup

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day One, Picture Two

After a non-stop flight to LAX, we stayed in San Pedro one night. Here's the port (LA Harbor) where the best job seems to be the Maritime Pilots. This Pilot (his boat is lower left, red) has his dock all set up with a huge bar-b-q, table and chairs, potted plant and he sits and plays the guitar! Happy little fellow.


Day One, Mexico Trip

Time to leave Idaho snows and head for warmer climates. But first, you have to de-ice the wings of the plane. And it's April 18th for heaven's sake. (taken from inside the plane)


Getty 4 of 4


Getty Center - First 2 of 4

1st 2 of 4

Kyle's blocks

These were created 100% by Kyle - he closed himself off in our room to avoid the toy wrecker (Katie). When he was done, these were his creations.. Tami and I were quite impressed.

Repeat Pictures

Note: This may be a repeat for everyone but Ken!
Ken, Is this easier to see? My first TBR to the blogger. Sorry everyone, for not being on the ball!

Picture of Mattea

Per Aunt Nancy's request - a picture of my niece, Mattea, the birthday princess! Pictured with Petra, my brother's wife (Mattea's Mom). The big, tall guy behind her is her brother, a police officer, and his wife to the left of him. Also, the older man in the back to the right of her is Petra's father (86 years old!). I don't know the other people in the picture, except of course, the cameo of Jeff and Kyle to the far right.

Note the beautiful Princess crown cake, another confectionary creation of my sister's! She has made almost all of the family cakes for the last 20 years or so!

- Tami

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pretty in Purple

Katie finally got some color in her Room. Uncle Todd and Jeffy painted Katies room last night.

Kyle's room was painted months before he was born.. Katie's was done two years after. Oh well, at least hers will last longer before needing to be redone.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Meyers Falls

A set titled Meyers Falls Winter/Spring has been added to our flickr site. It consists of 4 earlier b/w photos of the falls in the winter (during the winter, there wasn’t much color then anyhow). And 6 new color shots of the falls ‘de-iced’.

I am not sure how to provide you with a 'link' since all are listed a 'members' of flickr. If you cannot log on, email me and I will try to find a way.

It was as much an experiment of the web site as it was a sharing of new photos. However, I think I should get TBR credit. I actually worked on 10 photos, all with labels. Only 6 showed up and not all labeled, so I would say the experiment was not a total success.

This was also the area where Lynda took a picture of geese taking off for a flight.

Anyhow, I would call the pictures as EXTREMELY deceptive since the entire area is VERY small. The entire length of the actual water fall is only 50-60 feet wide (not yards, FEET). Kyle could throw a rock from end to end and it is no taller than 10 feet. When I took the pictures (both winter/spring) not a soul was there. Just so no one come to visit expecting to see something like the Hoover, or even the Albini Falls in Idaho. It just ain’t that big!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Inherited Trait

In the book I am reading (well, okay Listening to) the main character commented that he had heard that the ability to lift only one eyebrow was inherited (like the ability to ‘roll’ your tongue). I can do the eyebrow thing, my Father could also do it. Can any Wrigley children or Grand Children do it? I always thought it was a skill I ‘mastered’ because I saw my Dad do it. I can raise the left eyebrow, but not as good at my right brow. I am left handed.

Lynda cannot do it (nor any of the critters).

Comments? Can others without Wrigley DNA do such a 'neat' thing?



Some of your will remember the FPA - Frozen Pipe Affair. It was left earlier this year with the frozen section being cut out and a coupler joining the lower and upper sections. I will leave what it transports to your memory.

Well, with the spring thaw here and the pipe is once again visible

The bad new is...it has separated at the splice! "Now, that is Gross!"

The good news is…the separation seemed to have taken place since it was last ‘used’ and no ‘content’ has spilled on to the hillside.

I climbed down the hillside today, repaired the splice and have it ready for it’s next ‘transportation process’

A more permanent (underground) solution has already been contracted out. Construction to begin after the thaw. That would be June something.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

V for V

Hey, almost like we were there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Wet Season

Annotated view from our power pedestal.
We had a bit of 'grapple' (soft hale-misspelled) yesterday and some snow is in the 7 day forecast. However, ground is warming so much that I doubt that much will remain on the ground.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

final 3 of 3 - TBR - Tami

splish splash

Tami's TBR - a day in palm desert!

We had so much fun.

Victory for Victims Results

Jeff: 3rd place in agegroup - 20:43.4

Melissa: 8th in agegroup - 38:55.2

Jennifer: 23rd in agegroup - 39:03.5

Tami: 24th in agegroup - 39:03.6


Eye Doctor Visit & TBR

Doctor said all looked okay (for an old guy). He was not sure if I have glaucoma or potential glaucoma (potential is better than actually having it). More tests in a visit in May.

Not too exciting.

TBR is of the ACTUAL McBride's Auto Shop. I know you have all waited a long time to see that! You can probably tell is was taken a while back (not that much snow left around). I didn't really take any pictures Monday and had to use one of my 'banked' photos.


Palm Desert Waterslide

Still here. Having fun in the sun. Tami and the kids are on their way. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

The ideal gas law

The ideal gas law says that pressure multiplied by volume divided by temperature is constant. This is the scientific law that explains why our drink will stay suspended in a thin tube (straw) when we hold our finger over one end. The pressure of the air at the open bottom is sufficient to support the weight of the column of liquid.

Well.. At Kyle's Birthday lunch yesterday, he was introduced to this law...

Sagle TBR

Lynda visited our 'Sagle Property' over the weekend. She stopped at Albeni Falls (a big water fall, unlike Meyers). Here are some pictures.
Looks like I 'maxed' out at two pictures. Guess I hit the 8mb limit.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 14th - Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy Birthday, Kyle -- To the only 5-year-old Wrigley that I know of in the ENTIRE world. Happy Day Big Fella.
Love, G-FAN & G-GOUB

The Easter Bunny

Victory for Victims 5k

the three girls at mile 3 of the 3.1 mile run today!

Official times were not posted by the time we left, but they all finished in around 40 minutes. After claiming she might faint during the run, Melissa saw the finish line with just a few hundred yards to go and sprinted ahead of Jennifer and Tami to win the Wrigley Women's division!


Lynda Home?

Did Lynda make it home on her illegal tires? How's things in Sagle?


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Studded Tires

I am sure you will all be glad to know that Lynda took the Honda with the (illegal) studded tires over to Idaho (where they are legal) yesterday with unstudded tires loaded in the back. Plans are to have them swapped out this weekend.

If all goes well, she will come home Sunday . . . legal.



Friday, April 11, 2008

Tractor Update

I took the chain off the really ugly tire and then limped the tractor over to the trailer. It is now under the barn and waiting for Lynda to return with the tool I have to remove the wheel. Both wheel and mangled tire will then head down to Kettle to see what can be saved and what needs to be replaced.

No TBR as Lynda is in Idaho and has the camera.



TBR-View of the WWW

To the right is the same picture as below, but, telephoto, cropped and annotated to point out trailers and road.

The shot on the left taken yesterday from near McBride's Auto Repair. If you look close, you can see our Barn/Trailer near the horizon near the center. To the left on the horizon but a bit higher is The Non-Plow Guy's (abandoned) trailer.


Welcome to the Wroundup

Here we go! The start of the Wrigley Wroundup. Post all of your TBRs here.