Wrigley Wroundup

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Graduate

Wrigley for a week

Mattea quietly putting up with the Wrigley kids and waiting for her return to the "only child" life.

Our niece Mattea has been living the life of a Wrigley this week while her parents attend a wedding in Italy!

Todd and Petra gave us all the instructions and guidelines - including things like "quiet time for 30 minutes before she goes to bed." Haha.. anyone who's ever been to the Sylmar Wrigley house knows that my kids only have two volume levels - loud and asleep. Mattea has adapted well and can now fall asleep in a busy house. She has also learned to enjoy fridge temperature milk. I guess it's a good thing she can't talk or she'd have plenty of stories for Mom and Dad when they return on Monday.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thumper gets Neutered!

. . . or, I mean TUTORED! He got neutered long ago.

We enrolled him in an eight week obedience class. He is one of fifteen. Day one went better than we expected. Lynda is in charge of handling and homework. :o)

It kind of looks like his cousin Lefty in the foreground.

SIT! Thumper.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dodger Mania!

I received four Luxury Suite Dodger tickets to yesterdays game!! Curt, Jeff, Melissa and I lived like royalty with catered food (including unlimited Dodger Dogs!), cold sodas and waters, premier seats (with both couches inside and comfy chairs on the adjoining balcony), air conditioning, flat screen TV's, $80 of DODGER DOLLARS, and the works. It was AWESOME! We wondered what the little peasant folk were doing down in the villages yesterday. :)

Oxnard Beach

We had fun in the sun at Oxnard Beach with Bob & Gracie (Onnie and Pa) at their timeshare. :)

Last day of 5th Grade

Melissa's best friend (Jetzy) is crying because she is a 6th grader and this was her last day at Elementary school with Melissa. :(

Park Bday Party

I'm behind on my posts! I will be posting all to current. ALSO -- hope to have COUSIN SYLVIA visiting this blog very soon! :) ~ Bday party for my friend Margie and her ZILLION grandkids at a park in West Hills ~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday Party for 100 year old

Went to a birthday party this afternoon. Neighbor's (Kay Clark-age 67) mother (Claire -- former nurse) turned 100 today. Gala -- local newspaper there and everything. Carrot Cake.

May He (or She) RIP

One of our remaining two fish passed away yesterday. Below is a picture I took of the pair earlier this year. The one on the lower left is no longer. Upper right is still hanging on.

It's (they have never been named) body was buried with Lynda's latest enterprise...WORMS! We have acquired 500 (plus or minus) red wriggler worms for composting. Anyone see a sign in the future?:


WRAISED by Wrigley Washington Wranch
Wrickey Wroad, Wrice WA


Thursday, June 19, 2008

We Had A Baby

Friday, June 13, 2008

When the Swallows Come Back to . . .

...The Wrigley Wranch!

Included is an EXTREME close up Lynda shot of a swallow building its nest within our pole barn. Who needs Capastrano?

That's the good news - they are great flying insect eaters.

The bad news is they chose to build their nest of mud and twigs directly over the trailer's bar-b-q (called an RVQ - clever). During their construction period, mud has splatted all over the 'Q'. Wonder what we can expect during the nesting/birthing/raising period?

Happy Flag Day (Saturday) and Father's Day (Sunday) to ALL!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pismo ATVs

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kettle Falls PowWow

We went to the Pow Wow Saturday. For more pictures you will have to go to our FlickR site. www.flickr.com From there, Aunty says "sign in to your Yahoo account. Then choose People Search in the 'Contact' tab menu. In the People Search, type wrigleyk and that gets you there.

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